" The Mission is to provide a selfless organization of people who hold devotion to duty above personal risk, who count sincerity of service above personal comfort and convenience, and who strive unceasingly to find better ways of protecting the lives, homes and property of their fellow citizens."




" Our organization is driven to provide a cost effective and efficient fire department while honoring our values, accomplishing our mission and achieving our goals."


ALI FARHAN FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT TRADING LLC is well recognized Fire and Safety Inspection Company in Dubai, UAE by Civil Defense-Dubai, labor ministry and Dubai Municipality. Our employees are well-qualified, experienced and sufficient safety trained people approved by the concerned authorities in the field of fire and safety.

Our core business has been Fire and Safety inspection and certification of Fire Protection Installation as follows.

Fire Fighting system all in accordance with drawings and specifications.

  • Pipe work, generally including all necessary valves, unions, bends, branches, Ancillaries, joints, supports, fixings, sleeves as required.
  • Piping work for Dry Riser & Wet Riser
  • Breeching inlets.
  • Fire Extinguishers and Gas Bottle-Inert Extinguisher agent.
  • Fire Hose Reels and Cabinets.
  • Pendant sprinkler.
  • Pendant sprinkler with wire protection cage and ceiling trim lacquered white.
  • Complete arrangement of Zone Control Valve and Cabinet.
  • Complete arrangement of Alarm Check Valve.
  • Fire fighting Pumps (Diesel/Electric/Jockey) & Control Panel headers, Valve connections, Vibration Isolator etc.
  • FM-200/Inergen system and Fire sealant.
  • Testing and Commissioning.
  • Training of Employers staff.

Fire Alarm Installation as follows.

Final sub circuits and auxiliary installations, fire Alarm control Panels, Fire Alarm accessories generally including fixings, fittings and supports all in accordance with drawings and specification.

  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Remote indicator and Heat detector
  • Break glass unit
  • Optical Smoke Detector.
  • Optical Smoke with integral volume sounder.
  • Magnetic door retainer and Duct mounted detectors.
  • Control, Interface, and Monitor modules.
  • Auto dialer.
  • Testing and Commissioning.
  • Training of Employers staff.